The Patch Crate
Themed Patch Crate

*Theme: “King of Monsters” shown

The premier embroidered patch subscription service.

We say that with pride and here are a few reasons why

We have been producing custom embroidered patches since 1999 and some of our customers include:
  • NASA
  • All 5 Branches of the United States Military
  • Fortune 100 Companies such as Google.com, Home Depot, and Ford Motor Company
  • BMW
  • Major League Baseball
  • Boy and Girl Scouts of America, and thousands of schools, corporations, campaigns, marital arts centers and more.
What this means to you is that we have the experience and track record to manufacture high quality patches and deliver them on time.
As a manufacturer of custom made patches, your monthly patch crate will include ONLY Limited Production items that you cannot buy anywhere else.
Our graphic design team will create original and custom themed patches every month and no two months will be the same.
From the day you receive your monthly patch crate, you will be in possession of collector items! Priced individually your patches would cost more than $ 40.00 per month.
But due to our “no middle man” business philosophy, we are able to offer the subscription to you for only $ 19.95 a month.
We do not use any tricks or gimmicks. Your top quality patches will deliver in our brightly colored box each month at the advertised price that is all-inclusive.
Shipping’s included in every order, so there are no hidden fees.
We also produce bulk quantities of custom patches. If you are interested in getting a quote for 10 or more custom patches, please contact us here.

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