Norris Approved


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This Patch is Approved. Just like denim, mullets, and round-house kicks. -Chuck Norris

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When you are running after the bad guys with Chuck through the jungles of South America or chasing baddies through the city streets, this Norris Approved patch isn’t going anywhere. Made with CNS (Chuck Norris Skin) and easily attachable to your gun or gear with super strong CNH (Chuck Norris Hair), this 4″ patch is guaranteed to withstand the Chuck-pocalypse (along with Chuck himself).

Buy it now, or Chuck will come looking for you…

*Just kidding, Chuck Norris doesn’t accept complaints. That email address isn’t real. CNS is REALLY PVC and CNH is really 2-Piece Velcro. The Chuck-pocalypse isn’t a real thing.


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